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Many thanks for today

You are incredibly gifted

I am very appreciative of the guidance ! VL

 I have known Raphael since 1985.  His readings are always amazing. CS

 I just wanted to tell you how relieved I feel. You helped me so much. Thank you so much. SM

Raphael is a brilliant person and a visionary...I always enjoy his "take" on what is happening . EN

Raphael's range of knowledge and talent are unparalleled, and he is also a very kind soul. I've found him to be the best. DR

Raphael is a gifted Feng Shui consultant and highly skilled Chinese astrologer. He is held in high esteem by his peers. I've read many book on Feng Shui for westerners, and Raphael's books are the best written and easiest to understand. AG

The Feng Shui you did for our home is wonderful. LR

I first encountered Raphael Simons' book Feng Shui Step by Step several years ago. I used the knowledge from his book to arrange our home. Not only did I see results in our lives, but the space looked beautiful with his recommendations because of the balance and harmony they brought. When I moved to a new house, the space was irregular, and the general principles weren't enough. I was relieved and happy that Raphael offered consultations over the phone. His solutions are usually simple and easy to apply, yet transform a space into balance and beauty. Unlike some traditional experts, he doesn't get over complicated with rules. He has a positive, supportive energy. Through our conversations Raphael amazed me with his profound wisdom and deep care for people. When he gave a reading of each family member, he was accurate and offered advice that benefited us in our daily lives. I highly recommend Raphael as one of the best Feng Shui experts of our time. He is the only one I go to when I  have a question. YC

I want to thank Raphael for a fine and unparalled astrological reading that really clarified some areas of tension and confusion in my personal life. I was so relieved after our session that I had to post this on his wall to say how great he is at his work. He is terrific and I highly recommend you contact him if you are looking for guidance. He knew exactly where to focus, answered a lot of questions and I am really impressed. Thank you and blessings to you, Raphael. DD

Raphael's unique psychic talents, vast experience and superior intellect combine to make him an exceptionally gifted reader. I have been going to Raphael for several years now for astrological readings, which I find always very helpful. CB