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Raphael originally  taught music at Princeton University and Oberlin College before beginning his study of the esoteric sciences. He studied with the late astrologer, with Ivy Jacobson, and was her teaching assistant. He also studied with the Chinese astrologer and feng shui expert, Terry Lee. 

Over the past 40 years, Raphael has built an international reputation  as a psychic reader, western astrologer, Burmese astrologer,  Chinese astrologer and feng shui expert, and is the author of Feng Shui Step by Step, Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success, and The Feng Shui  of Love, originally published by Crown and Random House.

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Where western astrological charts are based on the minute of your birth, and Chinese astrological charts are based on the hour of your birth, Burmese astrological charts are based on the day of your birth.  

You have a choice.

 Raphael offers a broad range of western astrological services including

1. Natal and Progressed chart analyses

2. Relationship Compatibility

3. Electional Astrology: 

Finding the best time for marriage;
Finding the best time for starting a new business;

Finding good times for strategic career moves;

Finding the best time to move house, to put your house on the market;

Finding the best time to travel; 


4. Horary Astrology: 

For all kinds of questions


Chinese astrology gives you a full view of how your life unfolds through different cycles over time;  it describes conditions that may develop in your health; where it is best to live; when important events are likely to happen; what your best career choices are; what kind of money you can make; it answers questions about relationships, marriages, children, business, etc.

Chinese astrology leads into feng shui as it addresses the best environment to live in; the ideal conditions of your environment; how to make the necessary adjustments in your home and work place for your well-being, prosperity and happiness. 

Chinese astrology also links directly to the I Ching through a specific astrological method. This can answer all kinds of questions. 

Raphael currently resides in New York City where he gives psychic readings, western astrological readings,  Burmese astrological readings, Chinese astrological readings, and Feng Shui consultations over the phone and in person. 

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In addition, Raphael gives psychic card readings and palm readings every Monday and Wednesday at Quest Bookshop of the New York Theosophical Society, 240 E. 53 St, NYC. For information, and to schedule a reading with Raphael there, please call the bookshop at 212-758-5521. 


Raphael gives psychic readings by telephone and in person. He has been giving psychic readings for over four decades. 

For information call 1-212-502-0775, or go to